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This magazine will be called, “For The Glory”. I chose this title because the content of this magazine will be about who takes the title and the position of number one boxer in the world. Two similar publications are “The Boxing Magazine” and “The Ring”.

Publication Example #1

Publication Example #1

Publication Example #2

Publication Example #2

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Team Canelo

Team Canelo

Canelo vs Golovkin is the biggest about that can be in boxing. Even though the mega fight has been proposed for the second time, until September 2017, the fight would surely eclipse the coveted of 1 million PPV- buy mark.  That is because they are in the top 10 and made their name on impressive offensive showings.

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Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves





Boxing is an action sport in which two people wearing gloves strike at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring. Boxers do not only fight for entertainment and/or money but they fight with the highest degree of confidence, skill, talent, and for championships. Overall, Boxing is a sport predominately about a concept rarely, if ever, heard known as “disciplined aggression”.





-Baskerville typeface

Baskerville typeface incorporates old style and neoclassical design to have various combinations of transitional characteristics. Its purpose was to create softer typeface with rounded bracketed serifs. This typeface was design by John Baskerville in 1757.



-baskerville typeface

Baskerville typeface has various combinations of transitional characteristics. For example, there is great contrast between thick and thin stokes, wider gracefully bracketed serifs with flat bases, and vertical stress in rounded strokes. Also, the numerals are cap-height and consistent in size.




Baskerville typeface is a Serif Type classification. I chose this typeface because it incorporates some characteristics of each, old style and neoclassical designs. I also chose this typeface because of its crisp edges, high contrast, and its generous proportions.



-a softer typeface with rounded bracketed

The original purpose for Baskerville typeface was to create a softer typeface with rounded bracketed serifs and vertical axis. After the typeface was successful, many other people tried to create its own Baskerville typeface. American typographer Bruce Rogers recommended Harvard University Press to keep the original Baskerville typeface.




Baskerville is a typeface designed by Baskerville, John. Baskerville is a serif typeface designed in 1757 and cut by John Handy. John Baskerville is best remembered as a printer and type designer, he was a member of the Royal Society of Arts.